Introducing the VIBES toolbox for MATLAB

Experimental modelling // Dynamic Substructuring // Transfer Path Analysis

The VIBES toolbox for MATLAB offers unique capabilities for Experimental Modelling, Dynamic Substructuring and Transfer Path Analysis. The latest scientific advancements in structural dynamics have been implemented in an easy-to-use toolbox for MATLAB. The toolbox comprises a powerful 3D environment, allowing to pick and place your measurement instrumentation on CAD geometry. The object-oriented workflow unlocks a wide range of Frequency Based Substructuring and TPA methods, all accessible and adaptable from the command-line. Save time by automating repetitive processes in simple scripts and generate plots conveniently using intuitive commands for data selection. Create FEM-compatible ‘super-elements’ from FRF measurements using the Virtual Point Transformation. Combine experimental component models, numerical models and operational data, realising a truly hybrid approach to sound & vibration simulation. Import, manage and share your results using the industry-standard ASAM-ODS format.

Fully integrated with MATLAB

Object-oriented // Extendable classes // Independent from other toolboxes

The object-oriented toolbox provides well-designed classes and functions for analysis and simulation of sound and vibrations. All data (time series, FRF spectra, etc.) and meta-data (channel description, units, etc.) are kept neatly together, which simplifies and accelerates your way of working. This object-based data management is the perfect solution to archive, retrieve and share data with your colleagues that use a variety of tools / software. For the first time, one has the possibility to perform complex substructuring and TPA operations simply by writing out their most basic formulas. The VIBES toolbox assists you along the way and handles all the ‘bookkeeping’ automatically. A CAD-like 3D experience as well as an audio playback service are offered to further improve your workflow.

Through the object-oriented structure of the toolbox, one is able to extend all classes, which allows you to customise the VIBES toolbox for MATLAB. The implementation of custom version control, routines, methods and algorithms etc. are all possible.

Toolbox specifications

  • Fully integrated with MATLAB, compatible with release 2015b and upwards
  • Operates on Microsoft Windows platforms, both 32/64 bit