VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB

Download the latest release

Download here the latest release of the VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB!

VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB version 2.4.1

or download a beta version of V3:

VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB version 3.0.2 Beta

After downloading and un-zipping to a temporary folder, complete the following steps:

  1. Install the toolbox by either:
    • running the install.m script in the un-zipped folder. This removes any previous versions of the Toolbox and gets you started easily;
    • open MATLAB and drag the *.mltbx-file in the command window. Please make sure to remove any previous versions yourself.
  2. Request a license by typing vibes.ver in the command window click on the link to request a license. You can click on the email-link in the command window to open an email automatically.
  3. Get started by simply typing vibes.toolbox in the command-line to open the demo and tutorial scripts!

Click here to download the terms of use.