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Front-end (WPF) developer - delft

Are you an ambitious software engineer and do you want to work in a multi-disciplinary team? Then this could be your job! More details can be found here (Dutch)

Project engineer - Delft

Do you want to work with the latest technology, at leading companies within and outside the Netherlands? Are you passionate about experimental modeling, FE simulations and the frequency-domain? Then this could be your dream job! Get in touch to know more or apply directly! More details can be found here 

Are you confident that you can contribute in another way than in the roles in the above? Send an open application to

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Step 2: Introduction meeting
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Step 3: 2nd meeting
You’ll meet the other team-members of VIBES. Also, we’ll ask you to do some assignments.

Step 4: Offer
We’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse. We’ll meet again at the Friday afternoon drinks to discuss the offer and celebrate with a drink.

Step 5: Start the job!
This is the best part: you start working at VIBES!