VIBES 2018 – 2019 | Looking back and ahead

VIBES 2018 – 2019 | Looking back and ahead

With the holidays approaching, the end of the year is for most a good time to look back and evaluate what the year has brought. is looking back on what has been the most successful year so far. 2018 has brought growth in every aspect of the company, amongst which our team, our client base and product portfolio.

Continuously expanding our team is essential to keep growing. This year we have expanded both our engineering and software development capacity. Halfway the year Julie Harvie joined as project engineer. With a background in vibration analysis at Sandia National Labs (USA), Julie has already proven to be a valuable team member on a variety of projects in the second half of the year. In the same period Mahmoud Shaarway joined the software development team. Mahmoud got his MSc in software development in Linz (Austria) and is nowadays helping our team completing more software tickets than ever before. We also welcomed two master students from TU Delft, Tom Spoel and Jelle Boelens, who are contributing to our Research & Development projects and from whom we will gain even more insights in the coming year.

Looking at our product portfolio, it is obvious that our software development team has had a very productive year. Where our DIRAC product was merely a framework one year ago, it nowadays is a complete and mature application which helps our clients modelling structures from measurement including our Virtual Point transformation technology. And the best part is, that it is only a few weeks away from being launched! Next to that we have made some great improvements to our VIBES’ Toolbox for MATLAB, making it the complete as can be Toolbox for all the technologies that we offer.

Next to our software product portfolio we have our engineering services offering, of which we can proudly say that it has more than doubled over the past year. Blocked Force TPA projects have proven to be a popular choice this year. We have continued working with some of our established clients like BMW, Volvo, and Doosan in a broad range of challenging projects. Also we have welcomed some new clients in our client base from all corners of the world and from our own the Netherlands, amongst which ASML, Magna Steyr and NIO.

In conclusion, VIBES is proudly looking back on 2018 while moving into the holidays. We are looking towards 2019 with a lot of excitement, since a lot of exciting things are planned to take place. It goes without saying, that we will do our utmost best to keep this good vibe going in the new year.

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