First-time-right sound and vibration engineering

new game plan

Today’s consumer and professional demands drive the design complexity of cars, airplanes, ships and many other mechanical equipment. One important aspect of product design is sound and vibration engineering. Because of the many technical challenges, this is usually performed in the latest phase of product development. This leads to iterative design cycles involving many physical prototypes, which can become costly and time consuming.

In other words: product managers and engineers need a new game plan.

Bringing CAE and testing together

Using experimental Dynamic Substructuring technology, one is able to smartly combine simulations (CAE) and structural dynamic / acoustic measurement data. Engineers are able use powerful hybrid modelling and simulation strategies with significant improvement in quality of sound and vibration prediction of complex products.

Late-phase sound and vibration troubleshooting is avoided, fewer iterative design cycles are needed which results in saving time and other resources.

Our Services

How we can help your company


Our vision is that every engineer should be able to do complex Sound and Vibration analyses “first time right”. To make that possible, we develop intuitive and user-friendly applications.

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Engineering Services

VIBES Engineering services comprises a team of technical consultants available to help you optimise complex engineering processes in both the experimental and the numerical domain.

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Contact Us is a new company founded in the Netherlands in 2016 with a mission to enable Experimental Dynamic Substructuring and modern TPA techniques for the engineering community.

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Our Technologies

Experimental Modelling
Derive high accuracy models from measurements that are compatible with finite element models (FEM)
Dynamic Substructuring
Simulate structural dynamics of complete products by coupling component models
Transfer Path Analysis
Predict sound and vibration propagation through products in the early development phase

More information can be found in several of our published papers.


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